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How to Start and Find Suppliers and Products for Sale


Do you want to build a scalable and highly profitable Amazon Wholesale shop? Have you experimented with strategies like Retail Arbitrage and want to take your business to the next level? Then you are probably ready to become a wholesaler on Amazon.

So, how do you establish your wholesale business? Read our complete guide to learn everything you need to know.

How Does Amazon FBA Wholesale Work? So, what is wholesale? When you sell branded products, you source them directly from authorized suppliers (also called wholesalers). This requires purchasing products in larger quantities, so you will need a larger budget. However, your price per item will be much lower than if you were to purchase your inventory in a retail store. This means there is potential for higher profits.

Wholesale provides a great opportunity to get into online selling. If you are interested in learning how to become an Amazon reseller in Germany, follow these steps.

How to Start Wholesale Selling on Amazon Wholesale provides a great opportunity to get into online selling. If you are interested in learning how to become an Amazon reseller in Germany, follow these steps.

  1. Conduct Product Research Your first step is to find wholesale products that you can sell on Amazon. It might be tempting to simply pick things that are cool or interesting to you, but if you really want to be successful, you need to make decisions based on facts.As a wholesaler, you have two options for finding new products:
    • Research the items offered by your supplier to see which are the most profitable.
    • Browse Amazon for the most profitable products and then find suppliers who offer these items.
    How do you start the search? If you choose the first option, you must follow this three-step guide.
    • Choose a suitable wholesale supplier. Open the list of wholesale suppliers and select the one that best meets your specific requirements and preferences.
    • Analyse the supplier’s catalogue. Examine the supplier’s catalogue thoroughly and focus on product descriptions, prices, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities), and shipping terms.
    • Use research tools to identify profitable products. Utilize research software to find products with high demand, low competition, and profitability.
    Whether you start your search with or without a supplier in mind, thorough product research is crucial. Fortunately, there are some great tools that can help you find the best products to sell.[Continue with the steps and tips for using Amazon tools for product research in wholesale, as provided in the original text.]
  2. Register for an Amazon Seller Account If not done yet, you can create your Amazon seller account now. To do this, go to this page.You have the option to sign up as either a professional or an individual seller. As a wholesale seller, you will most likely want a Professional account.To sign up, select your preferred option and follow the on-screen instructions. You will need a government-issued ID, a credit card, and your tax information to complete the process.
  3. Find Suppliers Once you know what you want to sell, you need to find a wholesale supplier who can provide you with this product.A Google search is a good start. Enter the name of the brand you are interested in, followed by “authorized supplier/dealer” to find supplier websites.You can also use wholesale directory pages. Some of the most popular are:
    • 4WholesaleUSA
    • Top Ten Wholesale
    • ToyDirectory
    [Continue with the steps and tips for finding and communicating with suppliers, as provided in the original text.]
  4. Add Your Product to Amazon After receiving your inventory from your supplier, it’s time to list your product on Amazon. Go to your Seller Central account and click on ‘Add a Product’ under Inventory. You can then search for your item by name or ASIN number.[Continue with the steps and tips for adding products to Amazon, as provided in the original text.]
  5. Fulfill Orders and Manage Your Inventory After you have started making sales, you need to keep track to ensure your customers receive their orders on time. To make things easier, you should consider the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.[Continue with the steps and tips for fulfilling orders and managing inventory, as provided in the original text.]

Advantages of Amazon Wholesale Why should you start wholesaling on Amazon? Below are some compelling advantages of this sales model that you should consider for your business:

  • High Probability of Sale: There is high demand for branded products, so your chances of making sales are very high.
  • It’s More Profitable: Since you are buying in bulk, your price per item is much lower. This means you earn more on each sale, which overall leads to more profits.
  • Automation: If you opt for FBA, your entire business can be largely automated. Your wholesaler prepares your inventory and sends it to Amazon, where it is stored and shipped to customers when you make a sale. This leads to a more hands-off type of business.
  • Less Competition: It takes more effort to get approval to sell established brands. Not many people are willing to go through the process, so if you do get approved, you will have less competition.

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